Regions Deposit Account Control Agreements

Treasury Management

What is a Deposit Account Control Agreement (DACA)?

A Regions DACA is a tri-party agreement between Regions, a Regions deposit customer, and a third-party lender, which allows the third-party lender to obtain a UCC security interest in the Regions deposit customer's account(s).

All parties involved in the Regions DACA process enjoy great benefits:

Lender Benefits

  • Team approach: Regions' centralized DACA business team collaborates with lenders to negotiate DACAs on a program basis
  • Faster execution of an agreement: Implementing a DACA program saves time and money – once established, lenders can be confident when executing a loan that a customized DACA template already exists
  • Single point of contact: Regions’ DACA business team provides lenders with a single, experienced point of contact and elevated client support

Customer Benefits

  • Efficient Process: Regions DACA business team focuses on making executing a DACA as easy as possible
  • Tailored solution: Regions' customizable DACAs meet the specific needs of customers, without requiring unnecessary tag-along products
  • Access to another banking services: DACA customers can utilize Regions' suite of banking products and solutions

Law Firm Benefits

  • Builds credibility: Customers will appreciate the long-term benefits of negotiating DACAs on a program basis with Regions
  • Strengthens confidence: Regions uses the American Bar Association’s Model DACA, which allows for customization and ensures best practices are kept top of mind

Want more information?

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Call the Centralized DACA team at 1.877.453.DACA; or