Sweep Services

Regions Treasury Management offers the following Sweep Services [1] to help you maximize investment earnings, minimize idle balances, and reduce interest expense so you can improve cash flow management.

  • Investment Sweep - Transfers checking account balances in excess of your specified target balance into an investment instrument that earns a competitive interest rate. If funds are drawn below the target balance, the funds are matured from investments and redeposited to the checking account. Regions Working Capital Sweep and Money Market Mutual Fund Sweep.
  • Loan Sweep - Ensures that funds are borrowed from a Regions Line of Credit only when necessary, and that the line of credit is paid down as soon as funds are available to reduce your interest expense. Payments to the line of credit have no minimums or increments. At the end of each day, your checking account is analyzed to determine whether you require funds to pay disbursements or whether the line of credit can be paid back with excess funds in the account.
  • Combination Sweep - Combines Investment Sweep and Loan Sweep services to help you maximize investment earnings and minimize interest expense. At the end of each day, we analyze your checking account to see if you require additional funds to cover disbursements or hold idle or excess balances. If the account has a deficit balance, the system draws funds from your investment balance (if any) first, and from an established line of credit, if necessary. If your checking account has excess funds, the system pays outstanding loan balance (if any) first and invests any remaining funds into the Investment Sweep option you selected.