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Your questions and concerns are important to us. Please call or visit your local branch.

Real Estate 800-290-5358
Revolving 800-333-4104
Installment 800-333-4104
Credit Card 888-231-5461
DDA/Savings 800-289-6730
Flexline 800-723-7035
Recovery/Charge Off 800-289-6720
Insurance Claims 800-289-6710
Legal Documentation
(deceased account owner,
out of country vehicle documents)

We may be able to offer assistance if you are experiencing a financial hardship. Learn More

Loss Mitigation 866-298-1113
Bankruptcy 800-675-4471
Repossession/Remarketing 866-298-1131

Currently past due but too busy to go into a branch to make your payment and want to avoid a late fee? Call us today and schedule a payment to be drafted from your Checking Account. It's quick, easy and we do not charge an additional fee. Our bankers are standing by to assist you. Please have your payment checking account and bank routing numbers ready. These can be found at the bottom of your checks or on your statements. To protect your information, you will be asked to verify your identity based off information as it appears on your Regions account.

image of check showing where Routing Number, Account Number and Check Number can be found


Online Payments

Coming Soon!