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Fixed annuities are a great way to help you save, provide the benefit of tax-deferred earnings and guarantee income for life, if needed.

A fixed annuity is a unique insurance product provided by an insurance company. Many of the fixed annuities offered through Regions Investments Services guarantee that you will earn a specific interest rate for a specified contract period. legal disclaimer number1

If income distribution is selected, you will receive payments which may last for a specific period, such as 10 years, or for an indefinite period, such as your lifetime.

Benefits of Annuities include:

  • Tax-deferred accumulation - Interest compounds tax deferred and the interest is taxed as income should you withdraw or start distribution. legal disclaimer number2
  • Guaranteed income - Annuities can guarantee an income payment for a set period or for the life of the annuitant and/or spouse.
  • Principal Guarantee - Many of the fixed annuities offered through Regions Investment Services offer a principal guarantee. legal disclaimer number1
  • Avoids Probate - In case of death, funds transfer to your beneficiaries and may bypass probate. legal disclaimer number3

Regions Investment Services offers a variety of fixed and immediate income annuities with some of the industries top-rated insurance companies.

Choosing an annuity that is right for you depends on many factors including your investment goals and objectives. If you have longer term objectives such as saving for retirement or looking for guaranteed income, an annuity may be appropriate.

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