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Regions Asset Management is committed to providing individuals and institutions with a comprehensive, goals-based approach to managing, protecting, and growing assets.

Regions Asset Management's knowledgeable Portfolio Managers, Advisors and Consultants will work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs.

We have developed a team structure that allows our experienced professionals to provide customized service to our clients. Portfolio Managers focus on structuring and reviewing client portfolios. Investment Analysts within the Investment Research Group focus on finding what we believe to be the industry's premier Investment Managers, and Regions Investment Management's dedicated team of Portfolio Managers and Analysts focuses on managing proprietary strategies. These groups are all supported by back-office teams that allow our specialists to focus their time on the specific needs of our clients.

Benefits of Working with Regions Asset Management:

  • Disciplined Portfolio Design and Asset Allocation Process: As a client you will benefit from a comprehensive, goals-based approach to managing, protecting, and growing your assets.
  • Investment Fiduciary: It is our duty to place your interests ahead of our own, manage assets for your benefit, and divulge any possible conflicts of interest. This standard is designed to give you peace of mind that we're working on your behalf.
  • Client-focused Team Delivery Model: We take a consultative approach to understanding your specific goals and objectives

Regions Investment Management, Inc. (RIM) is an SEC registered investment adviser that produces a variety of publications that offer different viewpoints on the markets, trends, and current industry noise.

Commentary & Top News

Market Commentary (pdf)
Analysis on the economy, markets and general environment.

Investment Strategy Outlook (pdf)
A monthly publication that offers analysis on the economy, stocks and bonds.

Preferred Stocks and their Potential Pitfalls (pdf)
Preferred securities are unique hybrid securities that combine features of both stocks and bonds, however, they have different risk characteristics relative to traditional asset classes which must be account for.
January 2020

Regions Investment Management: 5G: A Revolution in Communication (pdf)
5G promises to be a revolution in communication and here we explore its implications for the Internet of Things (IoT), the technology sector and for society as a whole.
December 2019

Potential For Passive: Emerging Market Debt (pdf)
A look at the passive approach for Emerging Market Debt
September 2019

Regions Investment Management: Not Your Grandmother’s Telecom (pdf)
Cord cutting and the transformation of the media landscape.
September 2019

Regions Investment Management: The Bullish Case for REITs (pdf)
Taking a look at the factors combining to provide a bullish tailwind to the REIT sector.
July 2019

Regions Investment Management: Do Presidential Elections Affect Healthcare Returns? (pdf)
How do presidential elections affect investing in healthcare?
June 2019

The Emergence of Emerging Market Debt (pdf)
Exploring the valuation comparisons between emerging markets and traditional fixed income assets.
May 2019

Regions Investment Management: The Semiconductor Cycle(pdf)
Taking a look at the cycle of the semiconductor space.
February 2019

Regions Investment Management: How Defensive are Utilities (pdf)
How utility companies act as defensive investments during market downturns.
January 2019

Regions Investment Management: Consumer Staples Underperformance(pdf)
A look into the factors that could be driving the underperformance of the consumer stables sector.
November 2018

The Case for a Global Portfolio(pdf)
Answering the question as to why a strategic allocation to international equities remains appropriate.
November 2018

Municipal Bonds: Potential Benefits for All (pdf)
Municipal bonds are known for their federal tax-exempt status, but how much value does this attribute create?
October 2018

Pricing the Priceless: A Look at Investing in Art (pdf)
What gives art value?
October 2018

Regions Investment Management: Generic Drugs (pdf)
The growth of generic drug usage and the impact on the market.
October 2018

Regions Investment Management: Growth Versus Value: Déjà Vu In 2018 (pdf)
A look at the divergence between Growth and Value and the importance of diversification across market sectors.
July 2018

Regions Investment Management: Cloud Computing (pdf)
Cloud Computing and the impact on the technology sector.
July 2018

A Closer Look at Passive Investing (pdf)
A deeper dive into passive investments and the importance of due diligence.
June 2018

Intro to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (pdf)
A look at answering the question, what is cryptocurrency and blockchain technology?
April 2018

Regions Investment Management: New Therapies for Cancer (pdf)
The rise of cancer, the need for new therapies, and the impact on the healthcare sector.
February 2018

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