Estate Administration

Wealth Management

An important part of your estate plan is selecting a representative to settle your estate according to your intentions.

Regions Private Wealth Management can take on all of the responsibilities, including:

  • Locating, protecting and valuing assets
  • Paying debts and expenses
  • Tax planning
  • Distributing property according to your wishes

Our dedicated staff will manage cash and securities, including any business, real estate, or other special investments. We are even prepared to help beneficiaries revise their own financial plans once the assets have been distributed.

Regions Private Wealth Management's administrators, investment management professionals and tax specialists have built a reputation for accurate and efficient estate settlement. Our technical abilities are equaled only by the ongoing personal attention and concern we bring to each estate under our care. Above all, family members can count on us to listen carefully, to explain complicated settlement procedures, and to be present every step of the way as special arrangements are made and carried out.

Your Regions Wealth Advisor can bring a custom team of professionals together to help you maximize the return of your portfolio.