Private Wealth Management

Wealth Management

One Wealth Advisor for All Your Financial Needs

For affluent individuals looking for personalized financial expertise, Regions Private Wealth Management provides a Wealth Advisor who will take an unbiased approach to designing a customized financial strategy, informed by institutional expertise and tailored to your specific situation. Financial strategies created by Wealth Advisors are:

  • Supported by a team of subject-matter experts including a Lending Advisor, Trust Advisor, Portfolio Manager, Wealth Strategist and more
  • Powered by proven financial principles
  • Guided by more than 100 years of institutional knowledge and experience
  • Broader than just an investment plan

For more than 100 years we have been helping families like yours protect and preserve their wealth. Located across 15 states and with the staff of more than 500 associates, Regions Private Wealth Management has total managed assets of more than $18.2 billion legal disclaimer number1 . Because Regions is a full-service financial institution, we don’t have a built-in bias to direct you to particular products and investments. You can be assured the solutions we recommend are designed to objectively address your current and future needs.

We know that your financial needs and goals are unique, so we listen, ask questions and offer you a tailored plan to meet your specific banking, investment and financial service needs. As your life changes and evolves, your customized plan can change right along with it.

Your Regions Wealth Advisor can bring a custom team of professionals together to help you maximize the return of your portfolio by helping you:

  • Evaluate your current situation
  • Set and prioritize your goals
  • Understand your options by explaining them clearly
  • Make informed decisions based on our analysis and recommendations
  • Implement your decisions by outlining action steps and facilitating the process
  • Monitor your progress and adjust to new situations
  • Work with your attorney, your accountant and other professionals to provide the services you need
  • Partner with others on your Wealth Management team so everyone is collaborating to help you reach your goals