Asset Management and Consulting

Regions Asset Management is committed to providing individuals and institutions with a comprehensive, goals-based approach to managing, protecting, and growing assets.

Regions Asset Management's knowledgeable Portfolio Managers, Advisors and Consultants will work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs.

We have developed a team structure that allows our experienced professionals to provide customized service to our clients. Portfolio Managers focus on structuring and reviewing client portfolios. Investment Analysts within the Multi-Asset Solutions Group focus on finding what we believe to be the industry's premier Investment Managers, and Regions Investment Management's dedicated team of Portfolio Managers and Analysts focuses on managing proprietary strategies. These groups are all supported by back-office teams that allow our specialists to focus their time on the specific needs of our clients.

Benefits of Working with Regions Asset Management:

  • Disciplined Portfolio Design and Asset Allocation Process: As a client you will benefit from a comprehensive, goals-based approach to managing, protecting, and growing your assets.
  • Investment Fiduciary: It is our duty to place your interests ahead of our own, manage assets for your benefit, and divulge any possible conflicts of interest. This standard is designed to give you peace of mind that we're working on your behalf.
  • Client-focused Team Delivery Model: We take a consultative approach to understanding your specific goals and objectives

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