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For those looking for a new/used auto loan or to refinance. Choose between three convenient ways to apply.

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For You If...
You want a tax-advantaged retirement investment account where the rate is locked in for 6 to 60 months. legal disclaimer number2
Check available rates legal disclaimer number2 (Add box where user can enter zip code to get current rate)
Terms & Maturity Obligations
Minimum Balance Required to Open
Deposits & Contributions
Additional deposits of $25 or more can be made anytime. Can be linked to a checking or savings account for regular, automatic deposits.
Annual Contribution Limits
$5,500; $6,500 if 50 years old or more. legal disclaimer number3
Tax Benefits
Traditional, Roth or Education IRA legal disclaimer number4
No monthly or administrative fees. Fees for early withdrawal may apply legal disclaimer number1

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