Behind every Wealth Advisor is a team of strategists to support you.

Financial Advisor Team

Let us create a team of advisors for your unique financial needs.

For high-net worth individuals and families looking for personalized financial knowledge, Regions Private Wealth Management provides a Wealth Advisor who will take an unbiased approach to designing a customized wealth plan, informed by institutional professionals and tailored to your specific situation. Financial strategies created by Wealth Advisors are:

  • Supported by a team of experienced professionals including a Lending Advisor, Trust Advisor, Portfolio Manager, Wealth Strategist and many other wealth professionals
  • Guided by more than 100 years of institutional knowledge and experience
  • Broader than just an investment plan

Explore the Regions Total Wealth Platform

Regions Private Wealth Management clients have access to the Regions Total Wealth Platform, a powerful digital platform that provides a view of your overall portfolio and details of your accounts. Watch our brief video to see an overview of the platform's user-friendly tools and features.

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Regions Wealth Podcast

Regions Wealth Podcast

Your family legacy

Your Family Legacy

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