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Regions Wealth Assessment — Three Dimensions of Risk

Your financial needs and goals are unique — we understand that. So we listen, ask questions and offer a customized plan to meet your specific banking, investment and financial service needs. As your needs change and evolve, so does our plan. Your Wealth Advisor will conduct a Regions Wealth Assessment®, an innovative model for asset allocation, which helps you meet those needs. Our Risk Allocation Model is designed to help you look beyond the traditional portfolio model to take into account factors such as liquidity in economic downturns or the role of concentrated assets in building significant wealth. Consequently, our goals help you manage three specific areas of risk:

  • Personal/Protective Risk — Protection of your most basic needs by minimizing downside risk and providing safety and liquidity
  • Market Risk — Maintaining your current financial standing by balancing risk and return to attain market-level performance from a diversified portfolio
  • Aspirational Risk — The possibility of substantially moving upward in the wealth spectrum by taking measured risk to maximize upside

Protect Assets
The foundation of your portfolio includes banking services that optimize your returns and cash flow while working with your investments and broader financial plan. That is why Regions Private Wealth Management offers you solutions such as cash management, credit and insurance products to protect your assets and maintain your basic standard of living.

Market Assets
In order to grow your wealth and maintain your lifestyle, you need to consider taking on market risk. Through Regions Private Wealth Management you gain access to sophisticated wealth management services. Our Wealth Advisors work closely with you to construct estate, charitable, retirement, financial and investment solutions. You can rely on our experience and resources to help you preserve your wealth for your family's inheritance, fulfill your charitable giving and manage assets such as natural resources, real estate and closely held businesses.

Aspirational Assets
To enhance your lifestyle and potential wealth mobility, you must consider taking on aspirational risk. Aspirational risk occurs when clients have portfolio exposure in concentrated stock positions, investment real estate or business ownership that allows them leverage to potentially earn higher than expected returns.

These solutions are only part of Regions' comprehensive wealth planning services. Let us know a little about your wealth management needs and a Wealth Advisor will contact you.